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26 of the Best Manicures for Showing Off Your Engagement Ring

While we definitely love a fresh manicure for showing off an engagement ring, we do think it should be subtle so it doesn't take away from the ring itself. We scoured Pinterest to bring you our favorite nail designs so your ring can steal the show. So book a trip to your favorite salon, treat yourself and let that baby shine!

Keep in mind, you can always adapt these to involve your favorite colors. We only hope to inspire you, so mix and match these ideas and others to come up with your ideal nail design. Whatever you pick, it's sure to be Instagram worthy!

All That Glitters

white glitter accent nail design
two color matte nails with jewels
stained glass nail design

two color with glitter and jewels nail design

grey, pink glitter, black and white stripe mixed nail design
white nails with glitter and gem accents

black and nude nails with gold glitter

matte color with jewel accent nails

metallic and white nail design

nude matte gold glitter nail design

Tip Top Shape

reverse tips nail design

metallic pink french tips nail design

Darling Designs

chevron nail design
dot nail design
blue nails with glitter and love design
striped accent color nail design
navy accent nail design
pale pink nails with polka dots and glitter and heart design
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