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7 Expert Diamond Buying Hacks

Unless you are Kim Kardashian or something, you are probably interested in getting the most beautiful diamond at the best price. Well, our diamond experts have spilled a few of the best hacks for buying a diamond so you can save money and feel confident you made the right decision. And if you have any questions, we're happy to help! Just send us a note.

Eighty-Eight Engagement Ring

1. Certification

Always ask to see the diamond certificate. If the stone has been graded by the GIA, you will be able to review all information regarding the cut, clarity, polish, symmetry, etc. This is a good starting point for determining the value of a diamond. GIA is the industry standard so if they present a different certificate, it might look like a good deal, but some things are too good to be true. You can always verify a GIA certificate on their site here- Report Check.

2. Weight

Diamond prices increase significantly when the carat weight reaches the half and full carat mark. This means that at 1 carat you will pay a much higher price than if you were to purchase slightly below, for example, a .93ct. So if you are looking for a 2 carat diamond to set in a ring, consider a 1.90ct instead. No one will be able to tell the difference and it’ll save you some dough!

3. Clarity

If you are looking for a diamond that is both beautiful and easy on the budget, think of clarity as your friend instead of the enemy. A diamond doesn’t have to be “flawless” to sparkle and look amazing –clarity is actually more about rarity rather than beauty. There are plenty of diamonds out there that have inclusions or imperfections, but still look absolutely stunning. Brilliant cut diamonds in the SI (slightly included) range can be a great option for saving money. Just look for diamonds that are “eye-clean”. This means that you can’t see the inclusions without magnification.

Diamond Clarity

The Eighty-Eight in particular has additional facets that throw more light, hiding imperfections better than other cuts. You’ll be so distracted by the diamond’s fire, you won’t notice anything else!

4. Shape

A well cut oval, marquise or pear-shape can often look larger than a round brilliant of the same carat weight so think about choosing a fancy shape in order to maximize the apparent size of your diamond.

5. Color

Another way to get more bang for your buck is to buy a lower color grade. We’ve seen it over and over – D color, no flaws = the best of the best. But unless you have an unlimited budget, this isn’t a fair reality. However, you can find a diamond that looks very near perfect. White diamonds in the G-J range still appear nearly colorless but are much less expensive than those in the D-F range. Even diamonds in the K-M range can offer a great value, with only a slight yellow tint. And if the diamond does have a yellow tone, setting it in yellow gold will help make it look whiter.

6. Sparkle

Sparkle comes from cut, symmetry and polish. Even a D-flawless diamond can look dull if it is cut poorly. Look for a diamond that is graded “excellent” or “very good” because this means that light will disperse properly for maximum brilliance.

The Eighty-Eight took years to perfect and the facet pattern was eventually developed to bring out the optimum brilliance of a diamond so each and every one has blindingly beautiful sparkle.

7. Fluorescence

Many people think of fluorescence as a big “no-no” when it comes to diamonds. But what so many of us don’t realize, is that it can sometimes be a really good thing. A diamond with a lower color grade can actually appear whiter if it has fluorescence, presenting you with a great opportunity to find a stone with a bargain price.

Like they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so just each one for yourself. Buy the diamond that speaks to you. After all, you want to enjoy the diamond, not the certificate!

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