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 8 is a number endowed with

special powers.



The 88 Cut is a singular brand sustained by an age-old Asian belief in the supremacy of the number 8. The phonetic sound of eight - "baat" in Cantonese and between "pa" and "ba" in Mandarin - is similar to "faat", meaning prosperity. The number 8 is a number endowed with special powers. For centuries, the Chinese have ascribed to it the power to bestow good fortune on all who are touched by it. This mystical legend holds true to this day. There are scores of narratives, particularly in Chinese culture, detailing how the influence of the revered digit have compelled its believers to go to great lengths to include this lucky symbol in their everyday lives. One example, of many, is the millions of dollars that license plates chock full of the number 8 have fetched at auction in China.


The lure of the lore of the 88 Cut is unmistakable:

non-Asian consumers have become as equally enthralled with the mystique of the number 8 – and the appeal of the 88 Cut – as their masses of Asian believers. The number 8 possesses such dominance that it is poised to become the new “lucky 7.”

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