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88 Cut Diamond



The Eighty-Eight is a branded and patented diamond featuring 8 sides that form an octagon and 88 facets, 30 more than the traditional round brilliant cut. The Eighty-Eight has been painstakingly studied for years by specially appointed diamond cutters, who spent the better part of a decade determining how best to achieve the diamond’s unrivaled brilliance and sparkle. Similar to a round brilliant cut, the 88 diamond maximizes the appearance of size per carat weight, but it has the added advantage of being a non-traditional shape. Unlike the usual fancy shapes, the 88 cut does not make any sacrifices in apparent size.


The allure of the Eighty-Eight transcends its shape, number of facets and dramatically increased brilliance and beauty – it is championed by an ancient Chinese legacy that holds the number 8 to be the most auspicious and blessed of all. The number 8 is inextricably ingrained in the ethos of Chinese culture, as well as most other Asian ethnicities, to the extent that its people have taken great measures to procure its presence in their lives as a means of ensuring they will be touched by its lucky properties.


The Eighty-Eight cut diamonds are generally available from 0.50 carat to ten carats, in D through H color, IF to I1 clarity. They are available as loose stones and fit in almost any mounting made for a round diamond. Although it is a specialty cut, loose 88 Cut diamonds are priced like round brilliant cuts of “Triple Excellent” quality. With The Eighty-Eight diamond, consumers get noticeably more brilliance than they would from a traditional round, thus upholding it as the better value.

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