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The Luckiest Buildings: 88 Floors and Beyond

Most of the tallest buildings in China have between 80 and 88 stories or a height dimension that ends with the number 8. Before technology permitted construction of buildings that high, many skyscrapers in China had floor plans that looked like the Chinese character for the number 8. If you aren’t already familiar, this is because the Chinese believe that the number 8 bestows powerful luck and 88, happiness and prosperity.

  • Two IFC is the second building in a pair that make up the International Finance Centre in Hong Kong. It has 88 floors and has 1,999,988 square feet.

  • The International Commerce Centre is 1,588 feet tall and has 118 stories. It is also located across the Victoria Harbor from the international Finance Centre.

  • The Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur are 88 stories, partially because Malaysia has a very large Chinese minority.

  • The Jin Mao Tower aka "The Golden Prosperity Building" is an 88-story skyscraper in Shanghai, China.

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