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Alexis Bledel's 8 Sided Engagement Ring

Vincent Kartheiser and Alexis Bledel were secretly wed back in June 2014, but only recently broke the news. The Mad Men co-stars announced they were officially dating in October 2012 and only five months later, Kartheiser proposed. While there are no public details about their wedding just yet, we can only imagine that the duo looked classic yet stylish.

Although we haven’t seen the dress, we have seen the ring! The engagement ring, that is. And boy is it stunning. A mix of the old and new, Bledel’s sparkler is something to behold. We can see by the close-ups that the diamond appears to have 8 sides and plenty of brilliance. Could it be that Alexis wears an 88 cut engagement ring?

Even though we cannot confirm this, our experts believe it looks to be roughly a 3 carat 88 cut diamond ring. Kartheiser wanted to present her with a unique ring and this design is without a doubt, one-of-a-kind.

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