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5 Essentials for Your Classic Jewelry Collection

Everyone had their own sense of style, but this list of classic jewelry is a great way to start your collection. Keep in mind that your budget and sense of style will direct your purchases and you don’t need every single piece right now. Build your collection over time and expand it when you can do so comfortably. We understand that it may be tempting to buy less expensive “costume” jewelry, but fine jewelry made from precious metals and gems will last a lifetime and can be passed on or resold.

  • A Basic Watch

A watch is an effortless way to add an elegant touch to your look. It is by far the most classic piece that is worth the investment. The right watch can be dressed up or down and makes your business attire more sophisticated and powerful.

  • Stud Earrings

If you have pierced ears, never leave the house with them bare! A simple stud style earring makes that task easy because most can be worn comfortably 24/7. A pair of diamond studs is perfect for a touch of sparkle and the screw back style ensures they are secure. If you’d prefer a less expensive alternative, a plain gold or silver ball will do nicely.

  • Pearl Necklace

Pearls are the epitome of class. They’re pretty, they’re chic, and they’ll continue to be a huge part of the jewelry world. While a traditional strand of white pearls in a short length is easily worn with almost any outfit, a long strand that can be wrapped or a colored strand will make a bolder statement.

  • Right Hand Ring

A dressed up ring is an extension of the truly basic essentials, but we’re including it in this list because the fingers should not be ignored. We like something that fits on the middle finger so when you hold a drink or shake hands the ring is front and center. After all, if you’re wearing nice jewels, don’t you want them to be noticed?

  • A Statement Piece

A bold link bracelet, elegant drop earrings, or an incredible necklace? This one is more open ended based on what you like best, but at least one stand out piece is definitely a must for life’s bigger moments.

Like I said earlier, these items are just suggestions for starting a classic jewelry collection, not rules. So if you can’t stand the feeling of something tight on your wrist –skip the watch. Despise pearls – no biggie. The most important thing is that you stay true to your own style while being on budget. There’s nothing worse than splurging on something just because someone talks you into it. Invest in jewelry you love because that means you’ll wear it!

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