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The Unique Engagement Ring Trend

Today’s bride-to-be is veering away from the traditional solitaire diamond and gravitating towards more unexpected engagement ring styles. Could it be that more options are now more readily available? Or maybe couples are purposefully looking for ways to show that their love is special. Whatever it is, the unique engagement ring trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere!

Colored Stones

From precious gems like emeralds and sapphires, to fancy colored diamonds, some brides are opting for a diamond alternative in any hue.

Fancy Shapes

The one carat round diamond might be a classic beauty, but brides that want to break the mold are selecting diamonds and gems in fancy shapes and specialty cuts. We can thank Kim Kardashian for the recent interest in cushions and Blake Lively for the love of ovals.

Reese Witherspoon dons a gorgeous Ashoka cut diamond ring from Jim Toth. And while it hasn’t been confirmed by her reps, Alexis Bledel’s ring sure does look like an 88 cut!

Custom Designs

If a special stone or funky shaped gem isn’t the answer, maybe a one-of-a-kind ring is. While some fiances do pick out a premade ring from their local jeweler, more and more are taking the time to design something custom. Incorporating different metals, side stones, engravings – the options seem endless. A heart shaped morganite in an exceptional setting? We’ve seen it all!

It’s sweet that couples are taking the time to create something that represents their unconditional love and their unique story. And it certainly means there will be beautiful heirloom engagement rings to pass down in the future.

Do you have a unique engagement ring? Share with us in the comments! Want more inspiration? Join us on Pinterest!

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