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Legends of 8: Year of the Dragon

In 1988, thousands of pregnant Chinese women rushed to the hospital in the closing days of the year requesting Caesarian sections so their children would be born in a year with a double-prosperity, “88” blessing.

Not only was the year of great importance for the double-8 significance, it was extraordinary because it was the year of the Dragon. One new mother said, “Dragon, a symbol of happiness, is special as it is the only legendary animal in the Chinese zodiac."

The dragon is the fifth symbol in the 12-animal Chinese zodiac. It is a traditional symbol of Chinese culture that denotes energy, power and longevity.

If you keep up with our blog, you now know the importance of the number 88 in Chinese culture. It is regarded as a powerful symbol of luck and happiness. This blessing paired with the Dragon zodiac sign made it a year for the record books. Births in Hong Kong alone rose from 69,958 in 1987 to 75,412 in 1988.

Do you consider the birth month or sign important?

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